100% Job-Oriented Internship Program.

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  • Huge no. of candidates per batch
  • A mix of old and new technologies
  • Only technical skill development
  • Commercial trainers
  • Course completion is important
  • Job placement program
  • Developing I.Q
  • A process-oriented approach
  • Making a professional
  • Market relevant
  • Focus on imparting knowledge
  • 1-2 hrs of training
  • Interview guidance


  • Limited students per batch.
  • Focus on trending technologies.
  • Building market ready professionals.
  • Caring, skilled and committed trainers.
  • Course completion plus job guarantee.
  • Highly effective job-oriented internship program.
  • Developing I.Q and E.Q
  • A result-oriented approach.
  • Becoming a professional.
  • Industry relevant.
  • Focus on progressive transformation.
  • Daily 8 hours of real-time instructor led training.
  • Mock interview session.

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